Daniela’ s Bio

Daniela’s strong work ethic, education, and business acumen in sales and marketing makes her a highly skilled agent. Her natural sincerity and warmth, and the ability to listen, allows her to connect with her customers and enables her to achieve their goal of either selling or acquiring their home. Her meticulous dedication and support permeates throughout the entire process. In addition to her savvy advice and talent for finding the right real estate opportunity for clients, her intelligence and knowledge make her a joy to be around.


Originally from Argentina, Daniela has spent 24 years in NY where she honed her skills in the orthodontic field. Working with a wide diversity of patients and high-profile professionals on a daily basis made her transition into real estate a seamless one. Daniela brings to the table not only her aesthetic vision, appreciation of the beauty and synchrony of art and smile but also her ability to handle all her dealings with diplomacy and confidentiality. With tremendous patience and exceptional efficiency, she helps all of her clients through what can often be a challenging process: whether selling, buying or renting, she finds great pleasure in making a difference in their lives.


Daniela makes time to reach out and help people. She is a volunteer in St. Joseph Home For The Elderly, where she shares her natural talents in drawings and artistic painting with its residents, spending a pleasant, creative and peaceful time while enjoying old soft music. Daniela always strides to become the best that she can and competes only with herself. Improving, studying and getting into new challenges is not an option but the way for her continuous growth that reflects in her personality.


Daniela loves diversity and expansion. Getting out of her comfort zone and reaching other areas is what she does best. She is a Certified International Property Specialist, reaching areas like Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico and Dominican Republic, and part of the Global Committee in Libor.  Her enthusiasm is very contagious. Her motto is “Live life to the fullest, giving the best of yourself now”